Oh, Brave New World That Has Such People In It!


This is not a blog about Asperger Syndrome. Rather, I hope it will be a blog about me and how I see things living WITH Asperger Syndrome.

Confused yet? Welcome to my world.

I’ve read enough books defining AS, describing symptoms, treatments, and day-to-day living with AS. Most are written by non-AS-affected authors, and those are ARE written by Aspies tend to be very analytical, to-the-point, and monotonous. Essentially, they read like a textbook.

Granted, this is the way many, if not most, Aspies think. I, however, never thought this way. Sure I have my literalisms and need to sort things out mentally, but I’ve always had an extra streak of creativity in me that kept me from being too ‘textbook.’ I have always been fascinated by these authors, such as Temple Grandin and Rudy Simone, but something is always left to be desired after the final chapter.

I guess what it comes down to is people with AS are weird. And I am a weirdo among the weird. And for everyone’s information, ‘weird’ is not an insult. I have always lived by the motto ‘weird is wonderful.’

Perhaps showing you everyday life through my eyes will add a new perspective to the field. Maybe this will even get published one day. But, for the present, I’m just putting my thoughts, opinions, and witticisms into text format for anyone who is interested. If I offend anyone with my words and thoughts, accept my apologies in advance. These opinions are naught by mine own. Do keep an open mind while skimming through them.

Oh, and for those of you who wonder why my blog is named “Of Tornadoes and the Titanic,’ stay tuned! Perhaps you might just find out one day…

Well, let the journey begin this this first step…or, rather…blog post! Allons-y!


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